Violation of the rules

Prizes and gifts reserves the right to reject a winner if a breach of rules has occurred or if it is deemed that the user has won the prize in a dishonourable manner. reserves the right to reject any claims for prizes/welcome gifts, if it is considered that these were acquired dishonestly by cheating with, for instance, IP addresses, e-mail addresses, credit cards etc.

The above also applies to the creation of multiple users if deems that this has been done as an attempt to take advantage of various welcome gifts or prizes through campaigns, games etc.

The assessment of this is always the right of who can, at any time, reject a user should it be assessed that the user has cheated in accordance with the aforementioned.

If you are found to have cheated in any of the games that are available on, this will be reported to the police who will investigate the case as fraud.

Persons under 18
It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online games and therefore it is not allowed for persons under 18 to be members of